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Vertical Cylinder Honing machine 3MB9808

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Application and Features:

This machine is mainly use for honing engine cylinder of automobiles motorcycles ,cars,and tractors,and also for making other machine tools.
1.     The machine has compact frame ,small volume
2.     The mahchine can operated easily,have manual operator,and motor operator.
3.     When the main spindle moving up and down,recison of switch direction less than 0.4mm
4.     The the main spindle moving up and down,adjust easily.
5.     Good rigidity and amount of cutting
Main specifications
Model 3MB9808
Diameter of hole honed Φ25-Φ82 mm
Max depth of hole honed 200 mm
Spindle speed (2 steps) 200;280 rpm
Spindle stork(2 steps) 19;27 s/min
Spindle vertical travel 70 mm
Power of main motor 0.55 Kw
Power of cooling pump motor 0.09 Kw
Machine working table dimensions 600×380 mm
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 600×850×1950 mm
N.W./G.W. 400/500 kg

Standard Accessories:
Honing bars, honning head MFQ40、MFQ60, pads, measure rule, oil rule,pull springs.