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Cylinder Boring &Honing Machine TM807A

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Cylinder Boring & Honing Machine is mainly used for maintaining the cylinder of motorcycle. etc. Place the cylinder to be bored under the base plate or on the plane of the base of the machine after the center of the cylinder hole is determined, and the cylinder is fixed, maintenance of boring and honing can be carried out .The cylinder of the motorcycles with diameters φ39~72 mmand depths within160 mmcan all be bored and honed, If the suitable fixtures are fitted, other cylinder bodies with corresponding requirements can also be bored and honed. 

Main specifications
Model TM807A
Diameter of boring &honing hole 39-72mm
Max. Boring & honing depth 160mm
Rotational speed of boring &spindle 480r/min
Steps of variable speed of boring honing spindle 1step
Feed of boring spindle 0.09mm/r
Return and rise mode of boring spindle Hand operated
Rotational speed of honing spindle 300r/min
Honing spindle feeding speed 6.5m/min
Electric motor   Power
Rotational 1400r/min
Voltage 220v or 380v
Frequency 50HZ
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) mm 680*480*1160
Packing(L*W*H) mm 820*600*1275
Weight of main machine(approx) N.W 230kg        G.W280kg

Standard accessories:
tool box, accessories box, centering device, centering rod, centering push rod,specific micrometer, press ring of cylinder, press base, packing ring of lower cylinder, boring cutter, springs for cutter,Hex, socket wrench, multi-wedge belt, spring (for centering push rod), base for honing cylinder, honing tool, clamp pedestal, press piece,adjust support, screw for pressing.

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