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Vertical Fine Boring Machine T170S

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●Both rotation and teed of the spindle is realized by frequent and stepless saeed-adjutment , and there is character display on the digital readout. The range of speed-adjustment is wide; it is very convenient to operate. The spindle feed and rapid movement may be converted rapidly by regulation resistance.
●The hand wheel controlling the vertical movement of spindle is designed on the carriage to make the operation convenient and easy.
●The spindle is designed with fast centering device to improve the working efficiency.
●The machine is designed with tool measuring device for the diameter of boring hole to make the 
●operation convenient and improve the processing operation 
●The conversation between operator and machine can be realized by the digital readout on the machine, this makes the operation very convenient and easy
●Movement of each part of the machine can be controlled by PLC the machine realizes the automatic processing of boring hole and spindle returning as well as the boring parameter input.


ITEMS  unit  T170S
Max. boring diameter Mm φ170
Max. boring depth Mm 400
Max. drilling& reaming diameter Mm φ30
Spindle speed r/min 80-1000
Feeding of the spindle Mm/min 14-810
Rapid moving speed of the spindle Mm/mim 810
Spindle travel Mm 500
Distance between spindle end face and table Mm 0-500
Distance between spindle axis and carriage vertical plane Mm 330
Max. longitudinal travel of the working table Mm 1100
Max. cross travel of  the working table Mm 80
Worktable size(W*L) Mm 400*1250
Quantity of “T” slot Qua. 3
Dimensional precision of boring hole   H7
Machining precision Roundness Mm 0.005
Cylindricity Mm 0.01/300
Boring surface roughness Um Ra2.5
Main motor power Kw 3
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) Cm 210*143*201
Packing dimensions(L*W*H) Cm 182*177*219
N.W./G.W kg 2500/2800