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"Along the way" strategy breeds new business oppor

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" 'Along the way' on China's truck, logistics industry has a long-term stimulating effect, the pull performance for large time, large space, non-general incentive policies comparable." Shandong Heavy Industry Vice President Tan Xiuqing said.
"Along the way" new business opportunities
Market potential increase
"Along the way all the way" is the "Silk Road Economic Zone" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" short. "Along the way," through the Eurasian continent, the east to connect the Asia-Pacific economic circle, west into the European economic circle. Whether it is to develop the economy, improve people's livelihood, or to deal with the crisis, speed up the adjustment, many countries along the line with our common interests. Historically, the Silk Road on the land and the Silk Road on the sea are the main channel for economic, trade and cultural exchanges between China and Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, East Africa and Europe.
In such a vast board, truck companies, logistics companies and truck repair service industry opportunities?

Market potential big
According to China's truck network learned that in October the domestic production and sales of commercial vehicles were 286,380 and 278,317, down 11.69% and 14.89%, respectively. Production and sales for seven consecutive months lower than the level of a year earlier. Even 9,10 two months, "gold nine silver ten" is not as about to. Medium-sized trucks (including non-complete vehicles) sales of 20144, down 7.9%; light trucks (including non-complete vehicles, semi-trailer) sales of 5,196 vehicles, chain fell 5.77%, down 15.33% Including non-complete vehicles) sold 116,983 units, down 24.64%.
Tan Xiuqing said, on the one hand is the weak growth in market demand, on the other hand is the increase in production capacity, a number of new heavy truck business launched production for these capacity to find the market is a top priority, and "along the way" has brought new market opportunities. " 'Along the way' contains a large number of infrastructure projects, including railways, highways, ports, these projects are large, large scale, so the formation of continuing demand for engineering vehicles, will increase the sales of engineering vehicles. China 's oil and gas resources, mineral resources, high dependence on foreign countries, these resources mainly through the coastal sea into China, the channel is more single' along the way 'added a large number of effective access to land resources, access to resources for diversification important.
As a result, some of the sea transport will become a land transport, increasing the demand for road vehicles. "

Increase the truck export
At present, China's automobile export volume is relatively small, in recent years are maintained at 1 million level, accounting for only 4% of total domestic sales. Taking into account the downward pressure on the economy and "along the way," the construction of the domestic auto industry to the development trend of foreign markets will be enhanced, especially commercial vehicles. And "along the way" strategy so that the state introduced a special financial and fiscal policies to encourage auto companies to build factories overseas, driving domestic auto exports. Overall, in the "area along the way" and the Asia-Pacific free trade area under the impetus of the truck industry or usher in a new round of development opportunities. "China's truck exports, under the guidance of this strategy, may reach 10% of domestic sales in five years," said JAC International, an official with the company.
Dongfeng AG stakeholders also said that Dongfeng in the field of light truck market has obvious advantages, the current export volume of about 5% of total sales. With the "area along the way" to speed up the construction, is conducive to its various types of commercial vehicle sales.
International investors are therefore very optimistic about the "along the way" after the implementation of the strategy of China's truck and construction machinery enterprises. HKEx data show that Zoomlion's two business segments of concrete machinery and lifting machinery are among the top two in the world, under the strategy to stimulate a large holdings of UBS. Data show that UBS on November 4 large holdings of 607.7 million shares of Zoomlion H shares, holdings after the total number of over 7525 million shares, holding 5.26% shareholding. At the same time, another investment agency Singapore government investment holdings of several domestic truck and construction machinery company stock. "

China Unicom international logistics and transport
"Along the way," the strategy fully depends on China and the relevant existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms, with the existing, effective platform for regional cooperation. "Along the way," the construction will not not only with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Eurasian Economic Union, China - ASEAN Free Trade Area and other existing cooperation mechanisms overlap or competition, but also for these mechanisms to inject new content and vitality. "Along the way" strategy to break the original point-like, massive regional development model. Whether it is the early special economic zones, or the establishment of the Shanghai FTA last year, are based on a single region for the development of a breakthrough. The development pattern of the dot-like and block-like development before and after the change of the whole area changed from the east to the middle and west of China, and it was connected to the main coastal port cities and continued to extend to Central Asia and ASEAN. This will change China's regional development map, more emphasis on inter-provincial interconnection, industry to undertake and transfer, and ultimately Unicom international logistics and transport, shaping an international logistics and transport network.
In this network, the Chinese truck companies and logistics companies get the most benefits, because many roads are China's investment and construction, which is for the benefit of more trucks and logistics users. However, Tan Xiuqing reminded enterprises, because "along the way" involving many countries and regions, logistics and transport mileage longer, so the reliability of vehicles, environmental protection requirements higher, the logistics organization and management level requirements are higher. "For example, environmental protection, if a logistics team through 10 countries, then the vehicle emission standards must meet the highest standards of 10 countries in the country." Tan Xiuqing said.

Driving the western truck maintenance services industry growth
Silk Road economic belt through several western provinces of China, these areas sparsely populated, truck repair service outlets are also less. Xinjiang, a truck dealer, said the international logistics and transport Unicom, the truck repair service will increase the pressure. As the distance between cities and towns in Xinjiang is far greater than that in the Mainland, the truck repair service network should not only be located in all cities and towns, but also must be increased along the road network. In the goods distribution center is the same.