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How to make your site more quality?

Time:2016/11/06 Traffic:
  With the continuous development of the Internet, the requirements of the site is getting higher and higher, how to improve the quality of the site, so that their own in this competitive market to gain a firm footing? Today, Kam Shang China has compiled some ways, We are helpful.
First, the construction site before the market analysis
Jin Shang China to tell you, before building the site, to properly analyze the market is related to what kind of industry, and then combined with their own conditional analysis, to develop a reasonable site planning.
Second, choose an independent and stable server
Some owners in order to save costs, the use of a low-cost server, does not know that such a server is very unstable, users will lead to delays in opening the page, they do not have time to wait, will quickly leave the site, Of the bounce rate.
Web site just established, it is necessary to the regular company to buy an independent and stable server to ensure the normal operation of the site speed, will be the user's pro-Lai.
Third, web design should be simple and clear
Some webmasters in order to attract the user's attention, the site design gorgeously dressed, in fact, this made a serious mistake, the user is confused after entering the site, it is difficult to find their own needs, they will immediately close the site, The rate will increase.
The structure of the site as simple as possible, so structured, clear center, with a reasonable tone, etc., to the user a comfortable feeling in order to retain more effective customers.
Fourth, the content of the site planning
We all know that "content is king," the content of the site is the most important, Jin Shang China suggested that you can from some newspapers and magazines, multimedia or life to find the material, both to make the article valuable, but also to attract users Eye, do a good job, the site traffic will be more and more.
Remember, do not go to the collection of other people's articles, so the article repeat is too high, there is no value on the site without any help, but also to search engines that your site is a garbage station, leading to lower site ranking.
Jin Shang China introduced four ways to improve the quality of the site, we should pay attention to, and continuous efforts to innovate, will certainly achieve significant results.